With the opening of our new Hong Kong office, our renowned "MSP Timken Bearing Lubricant Machine Challenge" is open to the public again.  Come watch how our MSP line of products beat any other leading products in the market before your very eyes.  "Show time" is set to be 5 pm & 8 pm respectively Mondays through Fridays, 4 pm on Saturdays, except Sundays & public holidays.

Name Description  
MSP EP-2 Grease Multi-purpose Lithium Complex Grease MSP EP-2 Grease
MSP Fuel Conditioner Advanced Gasoline / Diesel Fuel Conditioner MSP Fuel Conditioner
MSP Penetrating Lubricant Advanced Molecular Technology Penetrating Lubricant MSP Penetrating Lubricant
MSP Engine Formulation Motor Oils & Lubricants (Metal Treatment) MSP Engine Formulation
MSP Formula 2-6-8 Hydraulic Systems - Power Steering - Differential - Transmission - Any Gear Running Treatment Formula MSP Formula 2-6-8
Juvenon Youthful Energy Juvenon Youthful Energy Jumpstarts Your Body’s Engine Faster and Keeps it RunningLonger Juvenon Youthful Energy