With the opening of our new Hong Kong office, our renowned "MSP Timken Bearing Lubricant Machine Challenge" is open to the public again.  Come watch how our MSP line of products beat any other leading products in the market before your very eyes.  "Show time" is set to be 5 pm & 8 pm respectively Mondays through Fridays, 4 pm on Saturdays, except Sundays & public holidays.

The MSP Challenge

You are welcome to our renowned "MSP Timken Bearing Lubricant Machine Challenge".  Bring the lubricant you think is best, or the one you are using(unopened).  Compare with our MSP line of products and see how they differ in performance.  Beat us and we shall wind up before your very eyes.  Only for the reason that we don't sell second best products. What about that?

Submerged Taxi Survives

The vehicle had been accidentally driven into the swimming pool at Kentish Lodge in Balestier by 55-year-old Ling Hong Lim in January during a heavy downpour.

A spokesperson for CityCab said it will remove the taxi after the pool is drained. This is expected to take a day and the company said the taxi will be good enough for the road again, but only after an overhaul.

An "overhaul" would have cost USD$6,000 and take at least 3 weeks. However, MSP came to the rescue 28 days later!


Water proof your car with MSP!

28 days later, after it has been deemed unworthy of overhaul and condemned to be scrapped, we challenged to treat the damaged taxi with MSP products.

The taxi was revived with immediate SUCCESS within 3 hours!

The cost was USD$150 worth of MSP products, against the projected USD$6,000 to overhaul the taxi and take over 3 weeks of repair. We revived that taxi and drove it around. We noted its smooth, powerful, quiet running MSP treated engine, transmission, differential and fuel line.