With the opening of our new Hong Kong office, our renowned "MSP Timken Bearing Lubricant Machine Challenge" is open to the public again.  Come watch how our MSP line of products beat any other leading products in the market before your very eyes.  "Show time" is set to be 5 pm & 8 pm respectively Mondays through Fridays, 4 pm on Saturdays, except Sundays & public holidays.

Mission Statements
Use MSP... Breathe easier
It is our mission and strategy to provide high quality molecular science products and nano-technology products which is environmentally friendly and at best possible prices.
The "Better-living" Vision

As our name suggests, "Better-living Global Marketing" was founded to bring about better living conditions, not just to the company, or its distributors alone, but to the brave new world as a whole, and for the many more generations of the human race to enjoy. 

One may say it is just too bold or too ambitious a statement to make. It is the common belief of our founding partners.   

Others may also say that the intention is good.  But would it merely be wishful thinking not able to achieve?

I say, "I don't care!"  Should everyone starts something somehow now, we get closer to the goals earlier.  

People ask, "Why would you choose to adopt a MLM approach with such good products?"  Good question!

Let me tell you what - others may take advantage of MLM's leveraging power to recruit more, then to sell more, and eventually to earn more.

We take advantage of MLM's leveraging power to spread the message faster, farther, and further.

BLGM starts our mission with an excellent product - the miraculous MSP line.  MSP not just saves you money, it contributes to spare our fragile globe too.  After MSP, there are many more to come.  More, in different categories, and even in nature.  But there's one thing in common - they are all Earth friendly.  They are mostly unique in the market.  If not, then they are selling at much lower prices.

Confucius once said, "修身,齊家,治國,平天下。”I don't know how to translate this accurately.  But I personally believe I can interpret it this way, “First, refine yourself, then refine your family, after that refine your country, finally, refine the world."

To make money is no sin, as long as there's a cause.  My philosophy is that, I provide the means, you find me the customers.  We make money while, at the same time, refining the world.  An all-win scenario.

Together let's strive for a better living; then better countries, finally, a better world!



Cordially Yours,

Luke Teng

Founder & Corporate CEO